Welcome to Newsroom

Newsroom is an entirely new way to distribute your news.

Bring your news to life with multimedia content, make stories shareable via social media, optimise search engine performance and maximise exposure on blogs.

Share & share alike!

With one click, readers of a digital news release can share the story via email, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, Digg or any other social sharing site.

Add to this an RSS feed that can automatically update your brand and social sharing sites, and your Digital Newsroom becomes a central hub allowing your news to be syndicated across any web platform.

Suits you.

Your Newsroom is a blank canvas for you to showcase your brand as you see fit.

You can also ‘attach’ as many files as you need and in any format, providing a central hub for all your media. Dynamic links can reference any external content, from maps and video to articles and audio.